Personalized Itineraries/Tours

Interested in working closely with me to build your dream Paris itinerary? If so, get in touch via email or fill out the contact form below.

I’ll draw from 15+ years of in-depth knowledge, expertise and passion for the French capital to create a bespoke plan for your next Parisian adventure, with tailored suggestions for what to see and do and one or more private Skype consultations with me. All of my personalized itineraries are entirely unique, so there are no set prices- but I’ll do my best to work within your budget. Just give me all the details on your desired dates, length of stay, personal interests and any information you think is useful, and I’ll send you a free quote for your bespoke itinerary and personal consultation. I can even point you to tours of interest and give you time-saving advice on practical matters, from trustworthy tour operators to the best transportation options. Who wants a trip filled with stress and indecision, after all?

Rue Montorgueil: One of the beloved neighborhoods I could navigate in my sleep. Why not let me help you have a magical and authentic experience of Paris?

Why Work With Me?

There’s plenty of free advice and information about the French capital out there– including on this site. I encourage you to take full advantage of it. But sometimes, you need the eye of an expert to help make your trip extra-special, and to guarantee your experience is fulfilling and authentic. My deep understanding and love of Paris mean I can help you unlock its secrets, giving you an experience that’s far from generic or superficial. One that’s entirely your own, and unforgettable. If you’re after a bespoke itinerary, then consider getting in touch now.

What I Don’t/Can’t Do

I’m not a travel agent, and for the most part will not be involved with booking travel arrangements or arranging your stay in hotels. I’m happy to offer advice in these areas as part of your individual consultation, but I encourage my clients to make empowered choices based on my careful expertise and advice. If you’re after an all-inclusive trip where tour guides plan everything to a tee, this isn’t the service for you. If you like a nice balance between expert guidance and autonomy, working with me might be a good idea.

Personalized Tours of Paris

Summer strawberries are sold at the Marché Aligre in Paris, one of the best markets in the city. Image: Courtney Traub

Summer strawberries are sold at the Marché Aligre in Paris, one of the best markets in the city. Image: Courtney Traub

I am also now offering private half-day tours of Paris that will allow you to encounter the city in truly authentic ways, and allow you to focus on what interests you most. Some examples of potential tours include:

  • History, Culture & Architecture Tours
  • Food & Pastry Tours (Visits to my favorite bakeries & chocolate shops)
  • Shopping Tours
  • Tours of Paris’ Best Food Markets (option for lunch with me)
  • Walking Tours of Iconic or Secret Paris Neighborhoods (option of lunch or dinner with me)
  • Wine Bars & Wine Tasting
  • Literary Tours of Paris

Why Tour Paris With Me?

There are countless wonderful tour operators out there, and you should certainly consider them too. If you choose me as your guide, it might be because you’ve read my work and like my (rather quirky) perspectives on the French capital, or because you share my deep interest in history, art, literature, food and other topics. My expertise is wide: As a journalist, scholar of literature and cultural history, food writer and longtime all-around expert on Paris, I can give you a unique and in-depth look at the topics and places that interest you the most. I will work closely with you to craft a tour that will be informative, amusing and engaging, allowing you to encounter the city from an insider’s perspective.

Intrigued? Fill out the form below and you’ll hear back from me promptly. Dates may be limited, so do try to get in touch well in advance of your planned dates.