Courtney Traub

The author, at a pub somewhere in Dublin in 2016.

This site is written and managed by Courtney Traub. I’m a lifetime francophile and longtime Paris resident who now divides her time (as well as I can) between the French capital and somewhere near London.

I’m the editor of the About Paris Travel website, and co-author of the 2012 Michelin Green Guide to Northern France & the Paris Region. I’ve written and reported for media outlets including Radio France Internationale, Reed Business Information, WWD, and The Associated Press, and am a scholar of literature and cultural history whose essays and reviews have appeared in various forums. I have a rather obsessive curiosity and passion for environmental history and ethics, the way we navigate and build stories around cities (hence this site), and food. Perhaps the latter most of all, in truth.

I’m incurably haunted by Paris and the stories of its streets, to loosely paraphrase the late and great Leonard Cohen. I have, and always will, consider it to be the most marvelous city on the planet. I first moved there as a feckless young adult, in 2001, and stayed put for the next decade. My objective with this site is to offer part travel guide (but not necessarily in the traditional sense), part exploratory space for unlocking the many histories and stories of Paris, past and present, and part forum for excavating my own experiences and memories of living there. Like Marcel Proust, I recognize how fragile and unwieldy our memories of times and places are. Also like that heroic crafter of page-long sentences, I’m interested in the effort of searching for those lost times and places, however imperfect and unreliable the result may be.

In addition to my Paris-centric work, I’m currently writing a book about how Romantic writers of the 19th century (think Coleridge, William Blake, Whitman, Thoreau, Mary Shelley) powerfully influence how we perceive– and imagine through literature and art– the formidable environmental and technological problems we’re currently faced with. It compares fiction, poetry and non-fiction from the 19th century to the early 21st, and also throws into the mix a few experimental multimedia projects from (great) countercultural weirdos. Stay tuned.

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